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Retired Design Area
  • Standard is M&S
  • Optional (upon special request) is H&M

ALARM Switch on the LEFT (below the Timer):
  • Position UP - Buzzer active
  • Position DOWN - Buzzer not active

TIMER Switch on the RIGHT (below the Timer):
  • Position UP - "ON" Delay (ozone will be produced while timer
    counting down to zero)
    This position should be used if the user wants to start ozone
    production immediately and to produce ozone for
example for
    5 minutes, and after 5 minutes the ozone production should be

  • Position DOWN - "OFF Delay (ozone production suspended while
     timer counting down to zero)
    This position should be used if:
    a). the user of the hardware does not want to use the timer at all
    b). the user wants to start ozone production with (for example) 10 minute delay.....for example,
         waiting for 10 minutes for sauna heat to build-up, and then activating the ozone production.

Small, simple to use timer with the range:
   a). Standard for OL80F/DST instruments - 00[Min] 01[Sec] to 99[Min] 59[Sec].
   b). Optional for OL80F/DST instruments - 00[Hr] 01[Min] to 99[Hr] 59[Min].

All other functions of the timer are associated with the additional three buttons:
  • MIN [Minutes] or SEC [Seconds]
  • HR [Hours] or MIN [Minutes]

Operation of the Countdown Timer:
  • To set the time, HR and MIN or MIN and SEC buttons are pressed to display the total
     time duration.
  • Then the START/STOP button is pressed and the countdown will be initiated.
  • Countdown function active…..
  • Countdown reaches to "00-00" and ALARM is activated
  • By pressing START/STOP, the timer will:
        • deactivate the ALARM
        • reset to preset time interval
  • By pressing START/STOP again, the original countdown sequence will be initiated.

Additional Notes:
  • If the countdown was interrupted (pressing START/STOP), the countdown process will be
     stopped and  the remaining time interval will be displayed on the LCD.
  • If the START/STOP button will be pressed again, the countdown will resume.

Resetting the TIME INTERVAL:
  • Make sure the countdown function is completed or suspended (pressing START/STOP)
  • Press HR and MIN or MIN and SEC together => the display will show 00-00
  • Using HR and MIN or MIN and SEC buttons, enter the new time interval

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